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We look forward to pampering you at Three Graces, where you will find beauty, joy and harmony.  

Hair service -- A great look starts with a terrific cut and color. Our exceptionally talented team will work with you to ensure the perfect balance between your hair type and lifestyle needs

Makeup -- To enhance your natural beauty for everyday or that special occasion, Three Graces's licensed estheticians will work with you to bring out your best. No matter what your personal makeup preference, Three Graces's licensed estheticians will work with you to discover the makeup look you are searching for.

Nails -- focusing on the luxurious and therapeutic care of your feet and spirit. As your body reposes and your spirit relaxes, highly skilled Nail Technicians, devoted to your personal care and complete satisfaction, rejuvenate your feet and hands.       

Hair removal --   Three Graces uses the Cirepil waxing method of hair removal.  Cirepil, known the world over as one of the finest depilatory wax ever made, is produced by the same company that makes the worlds finest candles (Rigot).  This special formula is designed to minimize the redness and bumps that sometimes occurs, leaving you with a softer, smoother skin.

Skin care  --  Luxurious as the spa experience may be, Three Graces is about so much more than just pampering. We personalize skin and body care programs that will improve not only your appearance but also your feeling of wellbeing. Our natural, herbal and aroma-therapy based products are of the finest quality.

Massage  ---  Massage is a relaxing, therapeutic treatment that has been around for thousands of years. The word “massage” comes from the Greek root “masso," which means to touch.

Body care therapy -- Scrubs and polishes are important for healthy skin, Choose gentle or traditional scrubs which are both amazingly delightful, invigorating and beneficial.

Day spa packages -- Quintessential getaways of relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body